PTSFPennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (Mechanicsburg, PA)
PTSFPercent Time-Spent-Following (two-lane highway capacity)
PTSFPeace Through Superior Firepower (UK band)
PTSFPeace Through Superior Firepower (Hamburg, Germany Airsoft-team)
PTSFPublic Television Service Foundation (Taiwan)
PTSFPoint Time Series File
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Calculation of the Energy Dissipated in PTSF Based on the Results of ESDOFS
Using the mathematical expressions proposed in this study, an algorithm to find the distribution of the hysteretic energy dissipated through the height of the PTSF is presented in the following.
(7) Calculate the energy distribution factors [F.sub.EHi] corresponding to the ith story of the PTSF, substituting y in (12a).
These relate (1) the interstory drifts of the PTSF with the seismic intensity and the fundamental structural vibration period
(ii) The expressions are simple and can be applied to fixed PTSF with dissipating elements, with fundamental structural vibration periods ranging between 0.89 and 2.1s, located in soft soils of the valley of Mexico; however, the general methodology proposed here is applicable to PTSF with different structural conditions.
(iv) The methodology and the expressions proposed here are useful tools for the seismic design or structural revision of PTSF with energy dissipating elements.
Offers to edit a PTSF's work may be just as helpful.
For example, a PTSF contributed her expertise in family interventions to a case study being written by a senior faculty member.
Most departmental committees (e.g., search committees, program revision committees) include both PTSF and senior faculty members so that the perspectives, experiences, and input of PTSFs are heard.
One PTSF provided this final comment about departmental practices under this principle: "The mentoring by faculty was not about molding me to fit one model, but instead allowing me to be who I was while also meeting the expectations."
Consultation also is encouraged as protection for the PTSF, who may not be aware of the time commitment involved in a university committee, know which commitments "count" more, or be aware of the political nature of some alignments on campus.
As one PTSF stated, "Even though we like the informal nature of mentoring here, its lack of structure makes it difficult for others to replicate.