PTSLProspective Teacher Scholarship Loan (North Carolina)
PTSLPeach Tree Short Life
PTSLPerpustakaan Tun Seri Lanang (Malay: Tun Seri Lanang Library; Malaysia)
PTSLProfessional Services Tools Library (software)
PTSLProtocol Trace Specification Language (computer science)
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AGRO's acquisition of PTSL fits into a broader investment strategy focused on key European trading hubs.
'To date, the performance of Guardian rootstock on PTSL sites in the southeastern United States has been exceptional,' says Beckman, a scientist with the Agricultural Research Service's Southeastern Fruit and Tree Nut Research Laboratory in Byron, Georgia.
Lovell has tolerance to PTSL, and Nemaguard has resistance to root knot nematodes.
In the trial, completed in 1996, no Guardian rootstock trees were lost to PTSL in South Carolina and only 20 percent were lost in Georgia.
Healthy peach branches and leaves have lower Al, Fe and ca contents compared to plants with PTSL symptoms (JONES; JONES, 1974).
During the sampling period, plants with PTSL symptoms could be easily identified by the typical symptoms of the syndrome (BRITTAIN; MILLER Jr., 1978; CAMPOS et al., 2014).
In each orchard, five to seven pairs of symptomatic and asymptomatic PTSL plants were sampled, which were located side-by-side (paired) in the same planting row distant 1.5 to 3 m from each other.
And PTSL occurs when the nematode population density and environmental conditions in the spring are just right.
"We've shown that if we can manage the ring nematode, then we can control PTSL," Nyczepir says.
PTSL attacks the tree when it is from 3 to 6 years old, just when it starts to bear fruit.
xenoplax e com historico de ocorrencia de PTSL, contendo anteriormente um pomar de ameixeira (Prunus salicina Lindl) de cinco anos de idade, com solo Argissolo Vermelho distrofico, sem vegetacao espontanea, foram instalados ensaios para o estudo da hospedabilidade e de rotacao de culturas, conforme descritos a seguir.
Segundo estes autores, o trigo e o sorgo sao alternativas no controle deste nematoide, sendo seu uso, em pre-plantio, efetivo na sobrevivencia de plantas de pessegueiro em areas com PTSL (Nyczepir & Bertrand, 1990; Nyczepir et al., 1996; Nyczepir & Bertrand, 2000).