PTTNPacific Technology Transfer Network (China)
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Expectations (PTTN): Examples of students' perceptions of their parents' expectations are: "My parents believe that my education is very important," "My parents want me to work hard at school," and "My parents think I can do well at school."
For the three scales and the sum of the three scales, the PPBI scores are higher for girls than for boys (STCT, F(1, 221) = 7.16, p = .007; PTTN, F1, 83) = 4.63, p = .03; PTPN, F(1, 68) = 3.05, p = .08; PPBI Tot, F(1, 1036) = 7.64, p = .006).
For the PTTN scale the effect of age is not statistically significant.