PTVIPage the Village Idiot (singer/songwriter)
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Starting from the optimized geometries obtained at B3LYP/6-31G(d) level, the absorption spectra of the molecules PTVi (i=1-4) were calculated using time-dependent TD DFT at B3LYP with 6-31G(d) basis set in gas phase.
Finally, the DFT and B3LYP procedures of theoretical calculations give good descriptions of optoelectronic properties of the proposed copolymers PTVi and can be employed to predict electronic properties and of other compounds based on p-conjugated molecules, and further to design novel materials for use in optoelectronic devices and organic solar cells)
Voc (eV) / [[alpha].sup.*] .HOMO] LUMO] (eV) / (eV) (eV) PCBM PCBM A PCBM PCBM A PTV1 -5,0184 -1,4048 1,3184 1,7924 2,2952 1,8212 PTV2 -4,4654 -2,1179 0,7654 1,2394 1,5821 1,1081 PTV3 -4,3845 -2,2154 0,6845 1,1585 1,4846 1,0106 PTV4 -4,3611 -2,2617 0,6611 1,1351 1,4383 0,9643 PCBM -6.1000 -3.7000 -- -- -- -- PCBM A -5.9850 -3.2260 -- -- -- -- (*) [alpha] = [E.sub.LUMO] (PTVi)--[E.sub.LUMO] (PCBM/PCBM A); (PTVi, i=1 ...
Our business is much more complex than that." Indeed, PTVI now pushes five adult-branded channels: Playboy, Spice, The Adult Channel and Channel Ruby, as well as Cisneros' Venus.
Fisher plans to make PTVI the "one-stop-shop" for international adult channels.
Currently, PTVI manages three networks in Latin America (Playboy Latin America, Spice Latin America and Venus); two in the U.K.
In addition to the pay channel's subscription revenues, PTVI has a few advertisements and sponsorships on its Latin American networks.
CTG is the 80% equity partner in PTVI; Playboy has an option to raise its stake to 50%.