PTWAPGA (Professional Golfers' Association of America) Tour Wives Association
PTWAPlasma Transferred Wire Arc (high pressure plasma coating process)
PTWAPart Time Work Agreement (Australia)
PTWAProduct Tailoring and Warfighter Applications
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For a better understanding of the PTWA process described in section 2, a CAE methodology of the process has been developed based on the Finite Element Method [11].
Here the assumption is, that at the end of the coating of a bore there are no residual stresses in the PTWA due to the fact that each new spraying pass is annealing the layer before.
This mesh contains a solid element mesh for the base engine block and shell meshes for the PTWA coating.
In an early stage of the methodology development, the PTWA layers itself were also modeled as solid elements as depicted in Fig.
"Our PTWA technology removes the need for additional heavy parts, and the processed engine block has a new life as the base of a replacement engine."
The first remanufacturing programmes using PTWA are in production at Ford, and the technology is also being used on some relatively low-volume performance engines.
Nissan has announced that it is using PTWA for its GT-R.
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Both deformed and undeformed (square wave) liners were sprayed with 1010 wire using the PTWA process, with a coating thickness of 800 [micro]m.
Roughened disks were coated by PTWA with 1010 wire and a coating thickness of 400 [micro]m.