PTWRCPhnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (Cambodia)
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'We are optimistic that the experts at PTWRC would preserve and protect the deer far better [than us].
PTWRC director NhekRattanakPich said on Thursday that three of the deer had already arrived at the centre.
RattanakPich said PTWRC has received many donations in the form of wildlife, such as sambar deer, red muntjac deer, crocodiles, gaurs (also called Indian bison), leopards and an array of birdlife.
PTWRC has also, with backing from the government and the World Wide Fund for Nature, striven to increase the Kingdom's population of tigers.
Molecular characterizations of hemagglutinin (H)5 and neuraminidase (N)1 were performed from the influenza virus (H5N1) strains from PTWRC as previously described (4).
Retrospective investigation of the villages surrounding the PTWRC and Phnom Perth showed that chickens from 2 flocks in which deaths had been reported in mid-December had been provided to the PTWRC, either for the restaurants or for the captive animal feeding.
The sources of introduction of HPAIV (H5N1) within the PTWRC were probably multiple: virus-infected chicken bought to feed the carnivorous species, infected live chickens brought to restaurants near S2 (i.e., the first place where deaths were detected), and contact between infected wild and captive birds.