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PTXPentatonix (a capella vocalists)
PTXPaclitaxel (drug)
PTXParallel Thread Execution (computer programming)
PTXPertussis Toxin
PTXPituitary Homeobox
PTXPrivate Trading Exchange
PTXPreliminary Training Exercise
PTXPractical Training Exercise
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Juniper's transport routers offer integrated dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) interfaces with interoperability between the MX, PTX series and Ericsson's Router 6000.
In this study, we developed a chemically modified CTS film-based local delivery system for sustained release of PTX to biliary stricture after implantation.
While CT scan reveals even PTX of just a few milliliters' volume [4, 5], supine CXR has a rather low sensitivity concerning the detection of small PTX [3, 6-8].
In this paper, the magnetic graphene oxide ([Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4]/GO) for delivering PTX was prepared by hydrothermal method, and [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4]/GO was subsequently reduced to [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4]/RGO with good dispersibility.
Gastric mucosal protein (mg/g wet tissue), [13] TNF-[alpha] (pg/mg protein), [15] IL-1[beta] (pg/mg protein), [16] and VEGF (pg/mg protein) [17] were estimated in the gastric mucosal homogenate of NS (negative control)- or EtOH (Control)-treated rats with oral CMC; PGE (test extract) and SCF and OMZ, and PTX (positive controls) using standard kits [Cat#ELR- TNF-[alpha]-CL; Cat#ELR-IL-1[beta]-CL; Cat#ELR-VEGF-CL; Ray Biotech, Inc., GA].
The conditioned medium of DB-ASCs (from untreated or treated PTX cells) was collected, and the cytokine content was evaluated using "multiplex bead-based xMAP technology" (Bio-Plex Human Cytokine 27-Plex Panel and Bio-Plex Human Group II Cytokine 21-Plex Panel, Bio-Rad Laboratories).
Neonates in group 2 who had nosocomial sepsis were treated with intravenous PTX (TrentalA(r) 100 mg/5 ml; Hoechst Marion Roussel, Istanbul; 5 ml/kg per day every 6 hours for 3 consecutive days) as a supportive therapy to a classical nosocomial sepsis antibiotic treatment protocol.
Demographic details would include age, sex, primary cause of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) (diabetes, hypertension, chronic glomerulonephritis, and polycystic kidney), preoperative and postoperative PTX laboratory biochemical indexes correction of serum calcium ([Ca.sub.alb]), inorganic P, ALP, and iPTH.
Discovered in 1962, paclitaxel (PTX) is one of the most powerful anticancer drugs for various types of solid tumors, especially for breast cancer and advanced ovarian carcinoma.
Pentoxifylline (Ptx), a potent antioxidant and modulator of a variety of transmitters, was initially introduced for the treatment of respiratory and peripheral circulatory disorders.
Paclitaxel (Ptx) has been approved by FDA to treat a series of solid tumors including breast, ovarian, gastric, and non-small cell lung cancer [3, 4].