PUBHPolymerized Ultrapurified Bovine Hemoglobin
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Data in Table 2 suggest that, during the prior month, 27% of PUBHS male students had smoked marijuana at least once, and 4% had used cocaine at least once.
Seventy percent of PUBHS males and 62% of PUBHS females reported having had sexual intercourse; while 32% of PVTHS males and 26% of PVTHS females reported the same (Table 3).
Significant differences were also determined between PUBHS and PVTHS students with regard to age of initiation of sexual behaviors.
Both PUBHS and PVTHS students reported substantial involvement in most of the risk-taking behaviors examined.
PUBHS and PVTHS males reported 23% and 27% prevalence rates, respectively, which are clearly greater than the 18.
For example, the 79% of PUBHS males and 74% of PVTHS males who had ever tried smoking are both higher percentages than the 72.
PVTHS males' 57% rate is greater in prevalence than PUBHS males' 51% rate and YRBS males' 53.
Reporting this behavior were 37% PVTHS males, while percentages of PUBHS and YRBS males reporting this behavior were 25% and 32.
Data suggest PVTHS students are different from PUBHS students, especially male students, and especially in some behaviors of substance use and sexual risk-taking.