PUCAPlan Urbanisme Construction Architecture (est. 1998; French: Urban Construction and Architecture Plan)
PUCAPennsylvania Utility Contractors Association (Harrisburg, PA)
PUCAPueblo Chemical Activity (Pueblo, CO)
PUCAPick Up and Carry Away (EOD)
PUCAPublic Utilities Commission Act
PUCAPartido Unionista Centroamericana (Spanish: Central American Unionist Party, Nicaragua)
PUCAPresidential Unit Citation Award (US DoD)
PUCAPublic Utilities Communicators Association
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There will also be a special puppet show from Puca Puppets.
no son menos curiosos que algunas de las novelas regionalistas--que en su momento gozaron de enorme popularidad--que Seis problemas parodia: La sonrisa de Puca Paca, Coca chicha y alcohol, Pasto Puna, etc.
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This is evident in the Selkup reflexes, for instance; Bykonya 's Selkup dialect dictionary gives the forms ObSh, ObCh, Ty puz, ObS, Vas puze, Tur, Elputi, Ket puca ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2005 : 197), with the diverse meanings 'inside, interior; soul; stomach; navel; seed; core; pipe (instrument); barrel (of a gun)'.
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Por otro lado, alberga en la ciudad y en sus cercanias puntos arqueologicos tan importantes como Koricancha, Saqsayhuaman, Tambo Machay, Quenqo y Puca Pucara (figura 4).
Puca said the goal was modulating intracellular trafficking of tyrosine kinase receptors, cellular proteins directly involved in vasculogenesis, in the context of cell and tissue morphogenesis, ultimately emphasizing the properties of mechanical loading via simulated microgravity and its effects on hematopoietic stem cell (HSPC) growth.
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