PUCOTPiezoelectric Ultrasonic Composite Oscillator Technique
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The resonant period and the drive and gauge voltages were recorded for the resonant assembly and used in the working equations of the PUCOT (4) to obtain the storage and loss moduli of Tefzel 280.
The storage and loss moduli of Tefzel 280 obtained using the PUCOT are higher than typical values for polymer melts.
Figure 9 shows the experimental data obtained using the PUCOT, juxtaposed with lower frequency data (3).
The low frequency range data (0.01 to 500 rad/s) and those obtained using the PUCOT (0.25 x [10.sup.6] to 1.28 x [10.sup.6] rad/s) were combined and used to obtain the discrete relaxation spectrum (DRS) for Tefzel 280 at 280 [degrees] C using the technique of linear regression with regularization outlined by Orbey and Dealy (8).
The loss angles for the high frequency (PUCOT) measurements and the back-calculated loss angles obtained using the DRS given in Table 1 showed good agreement and were nearly zero as would be expected at such high frequencies.
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