PUCSPerth Undergraduate Choral Society
PUCSPittsburgh Urban Christian School (Pittsburgh, PA)
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In particular, we explain that PUCs typically operate--like the
If more collaborative, commission-initiated proceedings are to become the way of the future, they will need to be accompanied by one other simple but contentious reform: state governments will have to give PUCs the resources necessary for conducting such proceedings.
See also Hoecker & Smith, supra note 206, at 86-88 (describing interstate electric transmission line projects where state PUCs denied approval because the line would not provide power to in-state residents).
Utilities are allowed to charge rates based on their costs, plus a set rate of return on their assets as deemed appropriate by a state public utilities commission (PUC).
The forthcoming Property Use Classification System (PUCS), which is currently under development by the Appraisal Institute, will supplant the old taxonomy and, upon publication, will serve as the authoritative source for classifying types of properties and clearly coding those distinctions in databases.
All states have laws in place allowing the state government to delegate the power of eminent domain to common carriers (e.g., railroads) and public utility companies (PUCs).
Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out among 838 adolescents studying in preuniversity colleges (PUCs) of Udupi taluk.
Alguns dados merecem destaque: quanto a universidade cursada, dentre as publicas a Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP) foi responsavel por 10% dos titulados e dentre as particulares as Pontificias Universidades Catolicas (PUCs), com registro de 11,4%; na analise das regioes, apenas o estado de Sao Paulo, situado na Sudeste, foi responsavel pela titulacao de 57,6% dos doutores; ha fonoaudiologos com formacao em programas antes especificos para a area medica, como Bases Gerais da Cirurgia, Clinica Cirurgica, Ciencias em Gastroenterologia, entre outros
The recommendations are targeted to Congress, federal government agencies, state public utility commissions (PUCs), and industry.
Utilities, in many cases, are also incentivized and required by public utility commissions (PUCs) to drive efficiency into the marketplace and reduce power generation costs.