PUCSLPublic Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka
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It has been over two weeks since PUCSL had received the letter, CEB Engineers Union President Athula Wanniarachchi told the Daily News.He said the country was in dire straits due to the non-implementation of any power plants.
The CEB engineers union initiated a work-to-rule campaign as of yesterday demanding that PUCSL Director General Damitha Kumarasinghe be removed from his position.
The unions declaring their non-cooperation with PUCSL said they would no longer engage in any conversation with the DG and would not take part in any meetings hosted by Kumarasinghe.
Indika Rajapaksa- Senior lecturer, Department of Architecture of University of Moratuwa and Jayanat Herat Director Corporate Communication of PUCSL, will investigate a sample of 300-350 houses in each district of Monaralagala, Kandy and Colombo in order to identify the low-income household energy usage patterns in rural, estate and urban.
PUCSL launched a public consultation on accrediting and licensing of electricians with a view of receiving the public, expertise and other stakeholder comments on the proposed mechanism.
Subsequent to public consultations and our studies, we asked the CEB to submit more scenarios and they did and we chose to go with the no coal scenario, said the PUCSL, Director General, Damitha Kumarasinghe as he announced the regulatory bodys decision on the long term power generation plan for the country.
The PUCSL however had chosen to base all fuel prices on index prices to get a more realistic value,
The CEB was accused of failing to obtain approval from the PUCSL to carry out the power cuts.
In this regard, PUCSL has published a consultation paper that includes the proposed standards and regulatory system for the discussion among the stakeholders with the view to further improve the proposal.
PUCSL requests all stakeholders to submit written comments on the draft regulatory measures for water fittings on or before 27th March 2019, and cordially invite stakeholders to attend the oral session of the public consultation, to be held on Wednesday, 27th March 2019 from 8:30 a.m.
The PUCSL has sent a letter to the Sri Lankan power supplier denying the latters call for emergency energy straight away.
The PUCSL commented, "The submission made to the Commission by the Transmission Licensee on the requirement of emergency power is different to what was made to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Management, on which the Cabinet of Ministers has arrived at their decision."