PUDLVPost-Universaldienstleistungsverordnung (German: postal universal service ordinance)
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1 PUDLV, in particular letters, registered letters, postcards Infopost.
For the fulfillment rates of maturity default E + 2 the provisions of the universal postal service regulation (PUDLV) apply.
The Service Provider shall perform the following tasks - Work daily collection of addressed, unsorted and unstamped letters up to 50 g (including proof of prescription items (letter)),- Processing of the above-mentioned Programs (collection, sorting and postage optimized franking),- Same-day delivery of vollfrankierten programs,- Delivery of consignments by dropping through the letterbox of the addressee or personal delivery to the addressee in accordance with the delivery times according to the Postal Universal Service Ordinance (PUDLV)In addition, the service provider for the Contracting Authority created once a cliche with the brand.