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PUEPower Usage Effectiveness
PUEPuebla (postcode, Mexico)
PUEPoznan University of Economics (est. 1926; Poland)
PUEPublic Utility Easement
PUEPrecipitation Use Efficiency
PUEPresidential Unit Emblem
PUEPre-University Employee (UK)
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Stuart Leeming, Executive Director, QF Schools, served as the keynote speaker, and, during his speech, congratulated all the award winners on their achievements, highlighted a number of recent successes, and encouraged the PUE community to continue striving for excellence.
In this project, a low PUE was realized by using different types of cooling approaches for different heat load densities: liquid immersion cooling by natural convection of a refrigerant in a liquid tank for high heat loads (Matsuoka et al.
co.uk/ Judge Anil Murray sentenced him to 20 months imprisonment, saying that he had considered the prospect of Pue losing his home and job but it still merited an immediate jail term.
Spatiotemporal Variation Analysis Method of Vegetative PUE. China's climatic regionalization in 1981-2010, as proposed by Zheng et al.
PUE is rare, and not related to previous gynaecological surgery or caesarean section, with an estimated incidence of 0.5-1% of all cases of extragenital endometriosis.
When we simulated PUE by infiltrating urine around the left kidney as previously described (Fig.
However, for clusters of PUE cases, i.e., [greater than or equal to] 2 PUE cases for which an epidemiologic link was identified, the provincial CDC sent the specimens to China CDC for further testing if the provincial expert consultation committee could not provide a clear diagnosis, and China CDC would guide or become directly involved in the field investigation if needed.
545/011/IUP-E/D.PE/2010, PUE is currently producing thermal coal under Production Licence IUP No.
The Avecoh data centre enjoys virtually free cooling all year round which minimises the PUE value by greatly reducing the amount of power normally needed by IT equipment to perform actions such as air conditioning.
Furthermore, the relationship between genetic divergence and heterosis for important traits in abiotic stress conditions, such as the PUE, is still little known in tropical maize germplasm.
This study was conducted to evaluate the phosphorus (P) application methods under different irrigation levels to maximize wheat yield and phosphorus use efficiency (PUE).