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PUHPick-Up Head (optical drives)
PUHPresbyterian University Hospital (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
PUHPharmacist's Ultimate Health (St. Paul, MN)
PUHPeptic Ulcer Hemorrhage (gastroenterology)
PUHPersonal Umbrella Handler
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La Recomendacion sobre el PUH (UNESCO, 2011), establece 6 pasos bases para su aplicacion, ademas del planteamiento de cuatro herramientas claves para su seguimiento y gestion.
Estos 6 pasos, junto a la definicion del PUH donde se supera el concepto de centro historico y se tienen en cuenta todas aquellas capas de informacion que han conformado la ciudad, ponen sobre la mesa una herramienta de trabajo que va de la mano con la actual conciencia mundial de integrar el concepto de desarrollo sostenible en las politicas patrimoniales.
In open onlay mesh repair, under regional anesthesia, the sacs of the UH and PUH were dissected all around, and the defect was closed using 1.0 Prolene.
There were 69.8% cases of PUH (n=30) and 30.2% cases of UH (n=13) that were operated with different types of meshes.
The open repair of PUH was also done under general anaesthesia with a transverse skin incision over the bulge near the umbilicus.
The cosmetic results of surgery in Group A were very promising in patients who were operated for primary PUH. Cosmetically, the results of open surgery were not encouraging compared to Group A patients.
Although the government in Costa Rica has implemented laws to protect the environment, many people refuse to observe them, and it's passionate custodians, such as Ricky and Puh, who are really working hard to protect the country's greatest assets.
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