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PUIDPurdue University Identification Number
PUIDPersonalized User Identification
PUIDPhysical Unit Identification
PUIDPersonal User Id
PUIDPassport Unique Id
PUIDPRONOM Unique Identifier (UK)
PUIDPassport Unique ID (Microsoft .NET)
PUIDPortable Unique Identifier (music identification)
PUIDPurdue University Identification (West Lafayette, Indiana)
PUIDPrinceton University Identification
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Although users can enter into agreements with services in which they agree to provide a PUID or TUID and no personally identifying data, their interactions may still be traceable, perhaps through their IP address.
In addition to frequently requested data elements, the base set also includes the PUID and TUID elements and a set of abstract elements that do not have static values stored in the repository.
Whenever all 10 array elements in a record as filled, another record is created with the same PUID and the next available value for PSEQ.