PULICProfessional Underwriters Liability Insurance Company (Los Angeles, CA)
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According to Pulic, VAIC is the combination of ICE (Intellectual Capital efficiency) and CEE (Capital Employed Efficiency).
The most valuable asset of a 21st century institution will be its knowledge workers and their productivity" (Pulic, 2004).
Nonelderly Uninsured, 2016 Total = 27.5 million Adults Eligible for medicaid/Public Insurance 3.8 mil Children Eligible for Medicaid/CHIP/ Pulic Insurance 2.6 mil Eligible for Premium Credits in the Exchanges 5.3 mil In Medicaid Coverage Gap 2.6 mil Undocumented Immigrants 5.4 mil Eligible for an Employer Plan 4.5 mil Income > 400% of FPL 3.0 mil Source: Garfield et al.
Practitioners are accountable for their practice: they have a responsibility to review their professional knowledge critically and to make it available to the pulic (Higgs and Titchen 2001, 528).
"Of course, the state takes the decisive role in pulic diplomacy," says Shi Anbin, a journalism professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing.
Rahul, who returned to pulic life after a two-month absence, slammed Modi for his comments during the just-concluded foreign visit in which he had talked about "cleaning up the mess", saying the remarks on foreign soil against previous governments does not behove the post of prime minister.
Value Added This method was introduced by Pulic Pulic (1998, Intellectual (1998) as an analytic tool for 2000) Coefficient measuring a company's performance (VAICTM) (Van der Zahn et al.
Paris and several other medieval German cities were using methods that could be classified bouth ingenious and strange; Waste Watch (2004) explains how the merchants that were bringing into the city goods and products necessary for pulic consumption were forced to load certain amounts of wastes in their own carriages, which they had to carry towards the rural areas that they were coming from.
[18], in their study using the Pulic model with a focus on Asia and obtaining information on the 150 companies of Singapore Exchange between 2000 and 2002, using PLS test (for data analysis) examined the relationship between the three sectors (human capital, structural capital and relational capital) with financial efficiency (performance) of companies, based on return on equity, earnings per share and return on total common stock.
Value Added Intellectual Coefficient (VAIC[TM]): This method was introduced by Pulic (1998) as an analytic tool for measuring a firm's performance (Van der Zahn et al., 2004).
organizations the world over involve local governments in their mass mobilization campaigns for ensuring pulic participation and carry out awareness campaigns in the similar ways as is being done in Peshawar.