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PULSARPulsating Star
PULSARPulser and Recorder
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The vehicle is offered in three versions, the Pulsar 150 Neon, Pulsar 150 Single Disc ABS and Pulsar 150 Twin Disc ABS, priced from USD1,236.
When the album was originally published, little was known about the pulsars. The changes in the brightness of the radio flashes were thought to be chaotic and random.
Their dance won't last--in addition to its lighthouse-like beam of radio waves, the so-called "black widow" pulsar releases a fierce wind of energetic particles that's slowly blasting away its companion (S&T: Nov.
The pulsar, officially designated as PSR B1957+20, and the brown dwarf are orbiting each other - an engagement that makes up a binary star system, but the latter is also leaving behind a "wake" or a comet-like tail of gas.
Section 2 introduces the X-ray pulsar signal model.
The HTPC device uses the collimator to confine the field-of-view to 2 degrees and the microchannel plate (MCP) X-ray detector to count the X-ray photons in the 1~10 keV energy band from the pulsar. Compared to the TSXS, the MCP of the HTPC has a higher time resolution of 100 ns and a bigger collecting area of 1200 [cm.sup.2].
The measurement comes from analyzing the only known pair of gravitationally bound pulsars, dense cores of dead stars that emit intense beams of radio waves with the regularity of a nearly perfect clock.
The Chandra image reveals a small, circular structure (or ring) surrounding the pulsar and a jet-like feature pointing roughly in an up-down direction that passes through the pulsar.
In its crash test report, EuroNCAP highlighted the Pulsar's "impressive strength'', rating leg and femur protection as good and adding that even in EuroNCAP's most severe pole tests, dummies were found to be well-protected against injury.
Actually, Nissan isn't actually suggesting that the Pulsar is a Volkswagen Golf competitor - which is just as well because it's as far off beating a Golf as I am from thrashing Mo Farah over 5,000 metres.
With an astonishing amount of legroom in the back, the new Nissan Pulsar is a genuine family car with luggage space to match.