PULZPhysiotherapie Und Lauftherapie Zentrum (German: Physiotherapy and Therapy Center)
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Despite the concrete perspectives of development of better photobioreactor systems that could improve the production and use of microalgae (e.g., Pulz, 2001; Kwon et al., 2012), this is unlike to be enough to increase such low concentrations of lipid (ca.
"Timmins businesses know all too well the considerable challenges posed by energy prices in this province, which are some of the most expensive in North America," said Art Pulz, chamber president.
According to Pulz and Gross (2004), the market of functional food, using microalgae in pasta, bread, yogurt and beverage, has fast development in countries like France, United States, China and Thailand.
Esses modelos aplicados em florestas naturais ou florestas sob o regime de manejo possibilitam regular o ciclo do corte para toda floresta ou alguma especie em especifico, verificar a economicidade da pratica de manejo, racionalizar as tecnicas de exploracao, direcionar a aplicacao de tratos silviculturais, bem como indicar se a floresta funciona como sumidouro ou fonte de carbono, alem de outros criterios que auxiliam na tomada de decisoes (SCOLFORO et al., 1998; PULZ et al., 1999; TEIXEIRA et al., 2007).
(17) Pulz (21) does not agree with Green (17) with respect to the relationship of the SWT and 6MWT with peak V[O.sub.2], perhaps due to the larger sample size of Pulz's (21) study.
(7.) Fiedrich A, Bielaszewska M, Zhang L, Pulz M, Kuesius T, Ammon A, Karch H.
Apart from hormonal changes (Bonaric 1987; Foelix 1996; Craig 2003), molts are particularly vulnerable events in the life of spiders, in terms of both increased physiological stress (Pulz 1987; Vollrath 1987a) and increased risk of predation (Tolbert 1975; Tanaka 1984; Vollrath 1987b; Baba & Miyashita 2006).
Medical aid was a saving grace for one African woman infected with HIM, according to Lorraine Vandenberg, head of underwriting for Pulz, a product of Momentum--a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FirstRand Group.