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Given the limited sample size of the PUMF, one may be concerned about the accuracy of these estimates for smaller subpopulations, but the aggregate estimates which we are considering should be reasonable.
In the PUMF, information on specific visible minority groups exists for Blacks, Chinese and South Asian.
There is a diversity of housing options in most urban housing markets and one advantage of the PUMF dataset of individuals is the inclusion of a variable that identifies whether the home is part of a registered condominium.
In the PUMF data, we were able to identify five categories of formal education:
There were only 504 couples from the mentioned territories in the 2001 PUMF.
As indicated in Data and Measurement, the coding scheme of the 1996 PUMF compelled us to exclude Prince Edward Island and the northern territories from the geographical system and to group the remaining provinces into four regions (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario and West) in our multivariate assessment of the impacts of lifetime migration on the elderly's 1995 total income.
It is useful to mention that in generating the PUMF, Statistics Canada imposed floors and ceilings on the values of total income.
By focussing on the earnings of two broad groups, native-born and immigrants, and by relying on the 1996 Census PUMF, Li (2000) showed that immigrants earn more than native-born Canadians.
While a useful extension of this research would be to compare the effect of postsecondary schooling on the attainment of licensed professional occupations, the lack of a detailed occupational code in the Census PUMF file would make this impossible.
Since the 1991 PUMF reports only a collapsed version of the 1991 National Occupational Classification, following Model (1998), scores were assigned to these categories based on weighted mean ISEI scores for the detailed occupations comprising the categories as follows: Senior Managers, 68.