PUMSPublic-Use Microdata Samples (US Census Bureau)
PUMSProject Unit Management System (University of Portsmouth; UK)
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It is not known if the name of the letter was altered as an additional mnemonic, or if the name was always Klatch and the destruction one of nature's pums. As each theory seems probable enough, I see no objection to believing both -- and Dr.
Established barely 14 months ago, PUMS, at its second matriculation for medical students and its allied health counterparts in Port Harcourt, with the number of Nigerian young prospective university students filling their Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) already exceeding the quota the school has set for new students.
This enclave measure is calculated using the Census Bureau ACS five-year PUMS, 2009-2013.
[36] AMAT, Piano Urbano della Mobilita Sostenibile (PUMS)--Rapporto ambientale, Agenzia Mobilita Ambiente e Territorio, Milano, Italy, 2016.
Self-Employment Rates by Race, Ethnicity, and Asian Heritage Group Self-employment rate (%) Chinese 10.18 Taiwanese 14.94 Filipino 4.89 Japanese 11.60 Asian Indian 9.79 Korean 21.70 Vietnamese 10.01 Cambodian 7.33 Laotian 4.03 Thai 9.28 Pakistani 14.08 Other Asian 8.48 White 13.90 Black 5.69 Hispanic 8.10 All Asians 12.08 All Workers 12.42 Source: 2000 US Census of Housing and Population: 5 Percent Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMS).
TABLE 1 Predictors of State Alcohol Prohibition Timing Estimated Sample Mean Coefficient (Standard (Robust Variable Deviation) Standard Error) [R.sup.2] % of population living on 45.89 -0.091 * 0.20 farm (17.22) (0.038) % of population black 13.12 -0.088 * 0.21 (18.57) (0.038) % of population 8.64 -0.061 0.0015 unemployed (2.28) (0.34) % of population native 88.89 -0.17 * 0.19 born (9.05) (0.066) % of population age 5-18 73.45 0.029 0.0095 enrolled in school (11.84) (0.052) Population density 25.68 -0.0069 0.0024 (25.22) (0.026) South 0.34 -2.22 0.092 (0.48) (1.60) Note: The first three variables were created using PUMS data and second three variables were created using the 1901 Statistical Abstract of the United States.
Using the Public Use Micro Sample (PUMS) data for Los Angeles County in 1990 and using "Russian" as a proxy for Jews, Waldinger found the following: "Within the county, Jews have mainly clustered inside the boundaries of the city of Los Angeles; consequently, most of [the remaining] L.A.
The data used in our analysis are based on the Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) released by the U.S.
"Millennials In America" utilizes the PUMS data which is the only source of data that can be used to define precise age ranges for the Millennial generation.
It is necessary to "define a system for the recognition of the quality of the PUMs trying to detect the decisive factors of the different quality levels and that, in addition, can serve as instrument for a continuous improvement" (Palmero, 2011, p.270-271).
Using the Public Use Microdata Sample of the 2000 US Census (2000 PUMS), the authors only could examine couples identified as same-sex or opposite sex based on relationship information.
The initial states and the operating points are assumed to be measurable or accessible, which is reasonable and prospective for the power system as more and more PUMs and WAMS are used.