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PUNPunjabi (language)
PUNPhysical Unit Number
PUNNational Unity Party (Central African Republic)
PUNPresses Universitaires de Namur (French, Belgium)
PUNPlasma Urea Nitrogen
PUNPatients United Now (Washington, DC)
PUNPrezzo Unico Nazionale (Italian: Single National Price; energy market)
PUNPôle Universitaire Normand (French)
PUNPunia, Zaire (airport code)
PUNPeople United for Nothing
PUNProject Update Notice
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The Church and the nobility descended thus into the arena of puns, without, however, losing their dignity.
Mahara and Pun are trying to develop their own group within the Maoist Center with the plan of capturing the party leadership after Prachanda.
In what follows, I examine how tutors can help students determine what constitutes "good pun usage" and explain some specific methods peer tutors can use to assist students in constructing punning critiques.
Fay Weldon had been on the pun production line before she wrote her first novel.
The total trade volume of Qatar and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) reached $16bn in 2014, Singapore ambassador Wong Kwok Pun has said.
Gary said: "The first round, all the competitors get to perform an 'o-pun-ning gambit', which is a minute of puns strung together on a theme of their choosing.
My crib was around the corner from Big Pun, and there was this dude from around my way that ran with him.
Distribution of punning and non-punning discourse of ladies-in-waiting and selected other stock figures LADIES-IN-WAITING CLOWN PAGE JESTER Lucetta Margaret Maria Lance Speed Feste WORDS 548 1226 1852 1474 2470 PUNS 47 40 43 70 63 65 PUN-TO-WORD 8.
Whereas, a pun, to qualify as a pun, involves ambiguity.
Defining pun is a variety of a usually humorous play on words involving the multiple meanings of an expression or two expressions that sound similar .
Pun Lun"; Pun Lun was a Hong Kong photography studio.
It was earlier reported that Mr Pun, who had worked for the company for the last 18 years, would get BD2,500 in compensation and relatives of the other two, who had been at the company for five months, would get BD750.