PUNCPurdue University North Central (Indiana, USA)
PUNCPennsylvania State United Nations Conference
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Niektore vysledky dusevnej cinnosti si zachovali svoj punc originality a ojedinelosti a tak sa udrzalo umenie.
Al sur de la ciudad de Oxkutzcab, al pie del monte Punc, todavia hoy pueden ser vistas las realizaciones del pueblo Maya.
ABL ablative, ACC accusative, CAUS causative, DAT dative, DEF definite article, DEST destinative, DIFF diffusive DIST distal, DS different subject, ELA elative, EMP emphasis, EXTR extreme, GEN genitive, ILL illative, IMMED immediate, IMP imperative, LOC locative, M masculine, MULTI multiple NEX nexus element, NM noun marker, OBJ object, PERF perfect, PL plural, POSS possessive affix, PP adposition, PROX proximal, PST past, PUNC punctual, PV preverb, RE realization, SG singular, SUBJ subject.
Everything has been done to dissuade them from the idea, the hole squeezing down as muc possible with the ine water on the left and a string of bunkers punc into the banking do right.
Voucher specimens of all taxa reported herein have been deposited in the Aquatic Plant Herbarium of Purdue University North Central (indicated here as PUNC).
(1.) The following abbreviations are used: NSS = Neuter singular"subject" (A-class) FACT = factual PUNC = punctual NSF = noun suffix
In this paper, P-uniform NC (PUNC) is characterized in terms of space-bounded AuxPDAs and alternating Turing Machines with bounded access to the input.
But by PUNC LIB it becomes ...] "An aid-nil Indiana!" [a Republican cry; "Governments aren't meant to help us!"] Ha, did all IOWA haw Oil la-di-dah!
FOOL STEAM ZAHEAD A Hibees supporter sporting a Jedward mask and tutu runs across pitch BALLET 3 CHANCER A tutu-wearing Hibs pitch invader is huckled, right, before Roy O'Donovan heads the SPL side into the lead then celebrates with striker partner Leith Griffiths who scores a penalty to make it 2-0 before getting his teeth into the celebrations, left PACKING A PUNCH J Cuthbert fists clear from McPake PA PA PA PA PA PACK CK CK CK CK CK CKIN IN IN IN IN IN ING A PU PU PU PU PUNC NC NC NCH J C t uthb hbert fists