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PUNCHPurdue University Network Computing Hub (Indiana)
PUNCHProteus, Ureaplasma, Nocardia, Cryptococcus, Helicobacter (urease producing bugs)
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To this Mr Codlin, who had a surly, grumbling manner, replied, as he twitched Punch off the tombstone and flung him into the box,
Having finished his second glass of punch, Napoleon went to rest before the serious business which, he considered, awaited him next day.
Perhaps, in that case, we'd better send up and ask if he won't take a little more punch.
That bowl of rack punch was the cause of all this history.
I confess, indeed, some of the quality at Bath, two or three years ago, wanted mightily to bring Punch again upon the stage.
She mixed another tumbler full of maraschino punch, and drank one good half of it before she spoke again.
The punch threw me in a strong sweat and a deep slumber; the good people let me lie; and it was near noon of the next day before I took the road, my throat already easier and my spirits quite restored by good fare and good news.
Twenty-seven seconds--one punch --n' a spankin' pair of horses for the best wife Billy Roberts ever had in his long experience.
Here Tom's eye wandered from the glass on the chimney-piece to the glass on the table; and as he felt himself becoming gradually sentimental, he emptied the fourth tumbler of punch and ordered a fifth.
Having laid in the materials for a bowl of punch, to be compounded by Mr.
And the man thought it was Ben Ali coming back, and he began to punch the Doctor in the dark.
Our punch was cooling in an ornamental lake, on whose margin the bower was raised.