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PUNKSProtect the Underdog with Nerve, Knowledge, and Strength (movie)
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Money and fame, which male punks were consciously rebelling against, were an entirely new prospect for women.
A punk revival of sorts to tie in with the events of 25 years ago has seen him playing festivals rather than clubs but Perry's not content to rest on his laurels.
He says: "Many places in Coventry were no-go areas for punks. You'd have trouble between punks and teds (teddy boys) when they were still around."
Theatre should learn to function as cinema did from M.T.V., which studied the entertainment of the youth at the time: hardcore punk. [Note: hardcore/punk were not the only two genres entertaining youth at the time.
Further, punks are notoriously contemptuous of poseurs, fakers, or anyone who is pretending to be something they're not.
Monk Dave, ex-editor of Welsh music fanzine Fracture, said, 'For a start how can you have a seminar on DIY punk at all, let alone one run by a government-funded body, plus mention words like 'music biz' in the same sentence?'
Punks are anti-authority, mainly, and religion is seen by punks as one of the principal sources of authoritarianism.
(19.) Michael Horschig, 'In der DDR hat es nie Punks gegeben' in Galenza (ed), Immer artig sein, pp30-71, p31.
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Curry Malott and Milagros Pena, Punk Rockers' Revolution: A Pedagogy of Race, Class, and Gender (New York: Peter Lang 2004)
With more than 50 talking heads and dozens of clips, the giddy mix is edited with rough-and-ready yet directly connective flourishes befitting the punk ethos.