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PUNSPrioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (Pennsylvania and Illinois)
PUNSPediatric Urology Nurse Specialists (American Academy of Pediatrics)
PUNSPartido de Unión Nacional Saharaui (Sahara National Union Party)
PUNSPublication User Needs Survey
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The Church and the nobility descended thus into the arena of puns, without, however, losing their dignity.
"I don't believe that," said Tip, plainly; "anybody can make a pun."
Over the door, by way of a sign there hung a marvellous daub, representing new sons and dead chickens,* with this, pun below: Aux sonneurs pour les trépassés ,--The wringers for the dead.
The book's central long poem, 36 pages in length, consists of faux Facebook statuses that weave together pop culture, literary references, philosophy, mysticism, and moreall in a mix of outrageous puns: "Ulysses is listening to Siren Song on Spotify" goes one line; "William Wordsworth is wandering lonely on iCloud" is another.
Punpipes under rustling aspuns, wearing Punday best and a new Punama hat (punana, Senor!), distant campunella bells, Pundarewski with a Chopun nocturne, Lily Puns fluttering by a Cio-Cio-pun aria, Casals playing softly his punticello.
Puns are typically thought to be antithetical to serious scholarly writing, but their potential usefulness, in combination with the evolving genres of academic discourse, brought me to this question: Is there room for a writer's words to be playful within a discipline, while still maintaining scholarly dignity?
(Or even that was so bard - a pun that only works in Wales.) On the contrary, they snigger rather smugly, congratulating themselves on recognising the reference without recourse to York Notes.
"Four will then go through to the second stage, where I have drawn a series of puns and they have to work out what they are.
Understandably, where puns are involved, the data retrieval process is rarely, if ever, smooth and unimpeded, due to a number of independent factors.
Those who love puns, and who love sharing their puns with their luckless acquaintances, are delighted when their acquaintances groan because that's the best reception a pun can hope for.
The pun, also called paronomasia, is a form of word play that suggests two or more meanings, by exploiting multiple meanings of words, or of similar-sounding words, for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect.
This series of books would be a great way to teach students about allusions and puns. The stories in this series are engaging and funny, as well as appealing to both boys and girls.