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PUNTSPeople of Utterly No Tactical Significance
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Our men were already descending the reverse slope to look for that punt which we knew from experience was not always to be found easily.
We did not go into the realm of twilight; we went slap into that punt, where those three old men were fishing.
They're going to put Seanie FitzPatrick's head on one side and Brian Cowen's arse on the other and have a name that sounds like punt.
Punt plays provided the Ducks several highlights Saturday but also the biggest low point of a 45-2 victory at Colorado.
He'll be the tallest punt returner in history,'' USC coach Pete Carroll said of the 6-foot-5 Turner.
Most coaches really do a good job on protection, so there is no need to dwell on it in this system, except to say that it is really an important part of the punt operation.
Given Harris' return last season and James' success so far this fall, it won't be surprising if Cal tries to find ways to limit return chances Thursday night, either by squibbing kicks downfield or angling punts out of bounds.
Terrence Austin feels like he's getting the hang of his full-time job as a punt returner.
After stretching and conditioning, we return punts.
BERTIE Ahern stands to win 20p if re-elected Taoiseach after he bet his last Irish punt yesterday.
I'm supposed to throw it, no matter what," Hekker said of OSU's options on fake punts.
During the early portion of practice, Everett and Austin took turns fielding punts against oncoming defenders in an effort to simulate game conditions.