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PUNYPunsters United Nearly Yearly (Austin, Texas)
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And then a puny man-creature, Mulcachy himself, dared openly and brazenly to enter the cage and approach him.
No puny obstacle could thwart the all-destroying, infernal flame which is eating into my exhausted breast!
Upon its smooth, impenetrable surface the puny dagger-thrusts of spite and envy glance harmlessly aside.
I called to mind the theory that an innate physical deficiency is seldom without its moral counterpart, and I wondered how far this would apply to the deaf-mute at my side, who was ill-grown, wizened, and puny into the bargain.
A puny, miserable little creature like Dickenson could prate of happiness and turn a shining face to the future - Dickenson who lived upon a pittance, who depended upon the whim of his employer, and who confessed to ambitions which were surely pitiable.
They would expect him to conform to their type, to learn to speak their jargon, to think with their puny brains and to see with their short-sighted eyes.
The fight remained one between an awesome warrior and a puny one, but the question is, who was the awesome warrior and who was the puny one?
At the heart of Schama's project is an investigation of the myths of the natural order - the basic myths of death and renewal, of magic beasts or enchanted sites, of nature as virgin to be ravished or as fierce inevitable conqueror over the puny ambitions of humans.
He had titanic energy (presumably the existence of servants made the Victorians far more productive than we, but that is far from being the only reason why we often seem puny incomparison).
FOUR hours of toneless wailing in The Voice's battle rounds and just one puny highlight.
We're told: "She was garbling ten to the dozen at people in the VIP section, and despite her recent weight loss, she started flexing her puny biceps and screaming, 'Look at these guns!'" No thanks.
However, Samson's psychological problems were puny compared with Napoleon's, Cathexis says.