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PUPPARC (Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated) Universal Protocol
PUPPop Up Camper (various companies)
PUPPotentially Unwanted Program
PUPPolytechnic University of the Philippines
PUPPrinceton University Press
PUPPunjabi University Patiala (India)
PUPPhysically Unable to Perform (NFL player list)
PUPPaid under Protest
PUPParc Universal Packet
PUPParc Universal Protocol
PUPPotentially Unwanted Programs
PUPPack Unpack Operation
PUPPeople Understanding Planning
PUPPower Utility Pack
PUPProduct Upgrade
PUPPrincipal User Processor
PUPProgressive Unionist Party
PUPPeople's United Party (Belize)
PUPPARC Universal Packet Protocol
PUPPlay Up Pompey (The Portsmouth Chimes song)
PUPPick-Up Point
PUPPhiladelphia Unemployment Project (Philadelphia, PA)
PUPPopular Unity Party (Tunisia)
PUPPeople's Unity Party (Guyana)
PUPPersonal Umbrella Policy (Liability Insurance)
PUPParty for Unity and Progress (Guinea)
PUPPolice Urbaine de Proximité (French: Local Urban Police)
PUPPrincipal User Processor (NEXRAD)
PUPPrevent Unwanted Pets
PUPPiano Urbanistico Provinciale (Italian: Provincial Urbaistic Plan)
PUPPrivate Universe Project
PUPPolyurethane Paint
PUPPersonal Utility Pouch
PUPPirkanmaan Uusi Panimo (Finnish)
PUPPsychology Undergraduate Program (various locations)
PUPPreviously Untreated Patient
PUPPets Uplifting People
PUPPull-Up Point
PUPPop Up Protector (golf)
PUPPower Utility Pack (Microsoft Excel)
PUPPrinceton University Players
PUPPeripheral Utility Program (Tandem)
PUPPossibly Unwanted Program (McAfee)
PUPPortable Universal Profile
PUPPop Up Point
PUPPartido Unico de los Pendejos (Spanish)
PUPParang UP
PUPPacker Unpacker (Microsoft)
PUPPublic Utility Plant
PUPPeripheral Unit Processor
PUPPerformance Upgrade Program
PUPPilot Upgrade Program
PUPProduct Usage Profile
PUPPayload Utilization Plan
PUPPower Upgrade Program
PUPParti de l'Unite de Populaire (Popular Unity Party, Gabon)
PUPPrevented Unwanted Pets (Nottingham, UK)
PUPPublic to Public Partnership
PUPPortable Uninterruptible Power
PUPProduct Upgrade Program (Microsoft)
PUPProvision for Unrealised Profit (finance)
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In fall, no relationships were found between pup (absolute and rate) mass gains and pup body mass before suckling and attendance period duration, suggesting that after four months of age, pups were no longer limited in milk ingestion by their size.
If you are considering buying a puppy, don't fall into the internet 'scam' traps or buy poorly puppies from unscrupulous breeders, or worse, pups that are too young to leave Mum which are imported in cramped, dirty conditions.
If you carefully observe a litter of pups for how they react in various situations during their fifth week, before the onset of fear, and again at nine-10 weeks, when the development of fear has maxed, you get a good picture of each pup's temperament.
Some of these pups weren't looking too good when we rescued them so it's a huge success that we've managed to return them all to the wild.
It's set to be a fun-filled event, so we'd encourage all wannabe members of the PAW Patrol to come along to say hello to our pair of pups and enjoy a Pup Pup Boogie
What we can do, however, is count the number of pups born on the large beach sites to give us an idea of how the population is doing.
Grey seals can be spotted along the coastline year round, but it is in late summer and autumn when large numbers return to the shores to give birth to their pups.
On January 21, Kara, the 33-year-old gray seal at The Smithsonian National Zoo gave birth to one of the most adorable seal pups in the twitterverse, reports NBC Washington.
When she explained to me what her goal was--rearing these pups to protect chickens--I cautioned her, as fowl are typically the most difficult to train LGDs on.
The pups are sprayed with a harmless dye to help rangers keep a count.
Six of Pup and Hound's delightful adventures are gathered here into one collection.