PUPJIPedoman Umum Perjuangan Jamaah Islamiyah (Indonesian: General Guidleines for the Jamaah Islamiyah Struggle)
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42) By contrast, the more militant members of Hambali's Mantiqi 1 faction found Bashir's political links and his ties to the former Indonesian Deputy President Hamzah Haz antithetical to Sungkar's PUPJI and the secretive, underground, violent, vanguard strategy of resistance and jihad that the guidelines supported.
To ensure the overall cohesion and long-term survivability of JI in this struggle, the PUPJI laid out a broad set of operational guidelines for all JI operatives to follow during each successive stage of the revolutionary struggle.
3) The phrase, 'Jama'atun minal-Muslimin which appears in the PUPJI, Chapter 1, Article 2, p.
The acronym PUPJI stands for Pedoman Umum Perjuangan al-Jamaah al-Islamiyah.