PUPPPruritic Urticarial Papules and Placques (skin condition; itchy skin bumps)
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Zenon Brzoza et al found PUPP in 3rd trimester in Primigravida's and in women with multiple gestation with incidence of 2.9-16%.9 Incidence of Pruritus Gravidarum was 3%.
Clinicians involved in PUPP can also help facilities select product lines that synergistically support the educational components of mPUPP.
Im sudestnischen Dialekt und in seiner Nachbarschaft, vor allem im Landkreis Parnumaa und stellenweise auch anderswo im nordestnischen Sprachraum ist das aus dem Deutschen entlehnte Wort pupe die einzige oder die am meisten gebrauchte Bezeichnung fur die Puppe, im Voru-Dia-lekt ist es vorrangig pupp (Gen.
The strip was set in Coconino County, Arizona, and featured a love triangle between its three main characters: the ambiguously gendered Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse, and Officer Bull Pupp. Krazy is in love with Ignatz, but Ignatz, who is married with three children, does not reciprocate.
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THIEVES snatched a little boy's pupp from his back garden - leaving him s afraid he's unable to sleep at night.
His destiny is linked with Dart, an orphan, who has a hidden talent of her own (the invisible Pupp).
Told she's got barely weeks to live (let me give you a clue, her New Orleans chain store's CAT scan machine is second hand), Queen Latifah quits her job in the home-ware department where she gives cookery demonstrations, cashes her bonds and flies out to the Grandho-tel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, to make up for lost time, stuff herself with meals prepared by her chef hero (Gerard Depardieu, bringing nothing to the film except being French) and enjoy what life she has left with gusto.
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