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PUPSPuppy Uniform Protection Statute (puppy sale legislation)
PUPSPalmetto Utility Protection Service, Inc. (Columbia, SC)
PUPSPoint-of-Use Power Supply (Nortel)
PUPSPortable Uninterruptible Power Supply
PUPSPotentially Unwanted Programs
PUPSProfessional United Pet Sitters
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Can't you see that we're both Pups in the Wood and the missis is the cruel uncle after you with the dish towel and me with the flea liniment and a pink bow to tie on my tail.
You'll let me bring my Aaron one o' these days, and he'll show her his little cart as his father's made for him, and the black-and-white pup as he's got a-rearing.
They proved that a seal pup could swim or not swim at birth by stating the proposition very bellicosely and then following it up with an attack on the opposing man's judgment, common sense, nationality, or past history.
He darted his right hand down to the pistol at his hip, and muttered: "Any nigger that'd hurt that pup .
Bonanza Creek he found staked from mouth to source, while every little draw and pup and gulch that drained into it was like-wise staked.
If at any time the pup flinches, drops or exhibits body language that I deem to be a possible negative reaction, I simply move the dummy launcher further away from pup, thereby reducing the noise level.
There are as many learned scenarios as there arc dogs, none of which are detectable in the litter of pups you are looking at.
The pups, named Baron, Jane, Marjorie, Margaret and Habanero were found with abscesses in their mouths over the summer and were cared for at the Sea Life Centre in Scarborough.
It's set to be a fun-filled event, so we'd encourage all wannabe members of the PAW Patrol to come along to say hello to our pair of pups and enjoy a Pup Pup Boogie
National Trust ranger Jen Clark said: "Last year we had 2,295 seal pups born on the islands but it's been a good season for food, so we're expecting more than that this year.
What we can do, however, is count the number of pups born on the large beach sites to give us an idea of how the population is doing.