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PUPSPuppy Uniform Protection Statute (puppy sale legislation)
PUPSPalmetto Utility Protection Service, Inc. (Columbia, SC)
PUPSPoint-of-Use Power Supply (Nortel)
PUPSPortable Uninterruptible Power Supply
PUPSPotentially Unwanted Programs
PUPSProfessional United Pet Sitters
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You'll let me bring my Aaron one o' these days, and he'll show her his little cart as his father's made for him, and the black-and-white pup as he's got a-rearing.
I had two of the second Melik-meid's pups," said Farag's uncle.
I can chew up any such milksoppy pup as that, and I will.
If the bye we never had is strayed and stole, by the powers, call him Phelan, and see him hide out under the bed like a mangy pup.
He was doing it now, vociferating, bellowing, waving his arms, and cursing like a fiend, and all because of a disagreement with another hunter as to whether a seal pup knew instinctively how to swim.
They proved that a seal pup could swim or not swim at birth by stating the proposition very bellicosely and then following it up with an attack on the opposing man's judgment, common sense, nationality, or past history.
He blowed off his whole right hand with the burstin' of his shotgun, an' the huntin' dog pup he had with 'm ate up three of the fingers.
What have ye to do, pup, with men who journey on their lawful callings?
I keep a bull pup," I said, "and I object to rows because my nerves are shaken, and I get up at all sorts of ungodly hours, and I am extremely lazy.
Tom; if it wasn't Bill Fawks as gen me the terrier pup istid o' drowndin't it, an' I had to jaw him a good un afore he'd give it me.
Animal collection officer Ellie West, who has responded to several calls across the South Wales coastline, said: "Sadly it is this time of year when seal pups can be effected by bad weather because they are so vulnerable.
Don't touch seal pups (as they can give a nasty bite).