PUQPresses de l'Université du Québec (French: University of Quebec Press; Canada)
PUQPunta Arenas, Chile - Presidente Ibanez (Airport Code)
PUQProcess, Utilities and Quarters (platform; engineering)
PUQPower User Questionnaire (PalmPilot)
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(ii) pUq describes the property: for each path L in M, p is always satisfied until q is satisfied.
(59) Sylvie PAQUEROT, Eau douce : la necessaire refondation du droit international, Quebec : PUQ, 2005.
Plus recemment, il a dirige la publication d'un important ouvrage sur le Management public (PUQ, 1992) auquel ont contribue pres d'une vingtaine de ses collegues de l'ENAP.
The combined weight of the PUQ and its supporting trailers was more than 15,500 tonnes.
Moving the platform from Lamprell's yard in the free zone to Jebel Ali harbour was a major challenge with the combined weight of the platform and the SPMT reaching more than 15,500 tonnes, and with the PUQ deck measuring more than 98 metres by 46 metres with a height of close to 60 metres.
For example, to solve a query of the form pUq, the planner will run a shortest path search inside [p](M), where the destinations are samples that are also in [p^q](M).
On the other hand, the convective charge-flux vector, [J.sub.conv] [equivalent to] Puq (Figure 5(e)), is almost in the same pattern as the velocity vector, u, because the charge distribution is nearly uniform as shown in Figure 5(a).
If z [member of] N(u), then F - z has a Hamilton path PuQ.
Likewise, EpUq is true in [rho] because there is a path (the path "up," for example) in which pUq is true.
Oil and gas company Total said it is losing an estimated pounds 940,000 a day because of the leak on the Elgin PUQ platform, about 150 miles off the coast of Aberdeen.
All 238 workers were taken off Total's Elgin PUQ platform, about 150 miles (241km) off the coast of Aberdeen, when the leak was discovered on Sunday.