PURGPeople United for Responsible Government
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Thus God the Heav'n created, thus the Earth, Matter unform'd and void: Darkness profound Cover'd th' Abyss: but on the watrie calme His brooding wings the Spirit of God outspred, And vital vertue infus'd, and vital warmth Throughout the fluid Mass, but downward purg'd The black tartareous cold infernal dregs Adverse to life: then founded, then conglob'd Like things to like, the rest to several place Disparted, and between spun out the Air, And Earth self-ballanc't on her Center hung.
XVII-which are only two of the moments Borges knew very well, and which he would famously use in the tale "El Aleph" (5) -one of the most significant manifestations of the narrative as well as symbolic function of Time in Dante is expressed in Purg. XXX.
Moveti lume che nel ciel s'informa per se o per voler che giU lo scorge (Purg. 17: 13-18).
[Just as when he [the sun] makes his earliest rays vibrate There where his maker shed the blood, [i.e., in Jerusalem, the place of the Passion] As Ibero [the river Ebro in Spain] was falling under Libra standing high, And the waves in the Ganges from the ninth hour he was heating again, So the sun stood; hence, the day was going away, When the glad angel of God appeared to us.] In his commentary to the Divine Comedy, published in Venice at the Tipi del Gondoliere in 1837 in two volumes, Niccolo Tommaseo (10) at this point, in his gloss to the word "quando", explained plainly: "Il sole nel Purg. tramontava, in Gerusalemme nasceva.
7.26-33), while the prideful in Purgatorio must walk bent over with weights on their backs (Purg.10.136-39, 11.26).
He comments that, "On every other terrace the penitents have a prayer that they speak in common when they are not interrupted by other forms of observance or by conversation with Dante and Virgil (see Purg. XI.
Usos tan comunes y normalizados como la recogida de lena seca ahora estan penalizados (articulo 89 del PURG).
Virgil's description of Lucia's "occhi belli" (Purg. 9, 62) recalls his similar admiration for Beatrice's radiant eyes (Inf.
After all, Dante does mention the singing by a group of voices of Osanna in the Purgatorio on several occasions (Purg. XI.
Danica Purg, president of IEDC-Bled School of Management, focuses on Drucker's aesthetics, his heightened awareness that management is an art form rather than a science.