PURPPeople Uplifting Real People
PURPPhiladelphia Urban Resources Partnership (Philadelphia, PA)
PURPProvision for Unrealized Profit (accounting, consolidated accounts)
PURPPrivatization and Utility Reform Project (private sector development program; Malawi)
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"Get down to the ground, you-all, Malemutes, huskies, and Siwash purps! Get down and dig in!
In this work, extending our recent studies on in vitro magnetic targeting of breast cancer cells (T47D) with purpurin- and 5FU-based Fe@MWCNT hybrids [42], we present anticancer activity and influence to selected cancer cells' life cycle of various covalent and noncovalent "drug-nanotube" hybrids based on Purp, 5FU, and 1,8-naphthalimide DNA intercalators (NIDIs).
(5.) The following abbreviations are used in the glosses: ABL ablative, ABS absolutive, ACC accusative, AOR aorist, ASSERT assertion, A:DCL affirmative declarative, COMP complementizer, COP copula, DAT dative, EMPH emphatic, ERG ergative, F future, FREQ frequentative, INF infinitive, IPF imperfective, IRR irrealis, KINPOSS kin possessive, LOC locative, NEG negative, NOM nominative, OPT optative, PC past completive, PER periphrasis form, PF perfective, PL plural, POSS possessive, PRF perfect, PROP proprietive, PST past, PTP participle, PURP purposive, QUOT quotation, SBST substantivizer, SG singular, SRSS superessive, and SUG suggestive.
[[do' (Robin, [conjunto vacio])] CAUSE [BECOME baked' (cake)]] PURP [BECOME have' (Sandy, cake)] (2) Sam baked a cake in the kitchen yesterday
(5.) The most forceful and prominent of these is Andrew Moravcsik, The Choice for Europe: Social Purp ose and State Power from Messina to Maastricht (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell UP, 1998).
Thus, this study will provide important information on whether an existing risk adjustment system, developed in one population for a specific purp ose, can perform successfully in another setting and also within a specific subgroup in that setting.