PURPAPublic Utility Regulatory Policy Act of 1978
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In effect, because of the PURPA law, the United States created government-assured power purchase agreements (also known as off-take guarantees).
Power Act, or if acting under PURPA, at a price that exceeds avoided
120) While PURPA is still in place, QFs will have a buyer for any solar energy produced, but this forced market is potentially unsustainable if Duke Energy succeeds in convincing the NCUC to lower the maximum size of a QF.
160) Justice Stevens would vote to uphold all of PURPA, also
PURPA was a prominent part of a larger movement in the 1970s to stimulate competition in markets traditionally considered natural monopolies.
With no new contracts, biomass-derived electricity appears to have less appeal to California utilities than it once did, when PURPA first passed.
Do you remember PURPA, the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act, part of the National Energy Act of 19787 PURPA required the purchase of renewable energy, and caused billions of dollars to be invested in renewables.
Several key states, including California, rolled back the contract requirements, essentially taking the teeth out of PURPA.