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PURRPesticide Use and Risk Reduction (est. 1998; agriculture)
PURRPick Up Repair and Return
PURRPassive Urethral Resistance Ratio (urology)
PURRParameters for Urethral Resistance (urology)
PURRPartnership for Urban Risk Reduction (disasters)
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The purr grew louder, and ended in the full-throated "Aaarh
The incessant hum of the jungle--the rustling of millions of leaves--the buzz of insects--the voices of the birds and monkeys seemed blended into a strangely soothing purr, as though he lay apart, far from the myriad life whose sounds came to him only as a blurred echo.
The kitten appeared from under the vendor's seat with an ingratiating purr.
Advise you to purr soft and look humble--if you can.
Number Ten was grinning broadly, while Number Three advanced cautiously toward one of the creatures, making a low guttural noise, that could only be interpreted as peaceful and conciliatory--more like a feline purr it was than anything else.
He coolly curled up in Anne's lap and began to purr.
Puss appeared to endorse the sentiment by a loud purr and a graceful wave of her tail, and Polly returned to the subject from which these little vanities had beguiled her.
Most mellifluously did he purr as we crowded around to stroke him; with friendly joy he licked our hands with his little red tongue; poor Paddy was a thankful cat; he was no longer lost, starving, imprisoned, helpless; he was with his comrades once more and he was going home--home to his old familiar haunts of orchard and dairy and granary, to his daily rations of new milk and cream, to the cosy corner of his own fireside.
John, I think, would have pressed his questions further, but at that moment the loud purr of a motor was audible, and we all turned to the window as it swept past.
Not that the bride was displeased with the embraces of her amorous bridegroom; for, though some have remarked that cats are subject to ingratitude, yet women and cats too will be pleased and purr on certain occasions.
The low rich purr of a Great Western express is not the worst background for conversation, and the journey passed pleasantly enough.
From either side rose the drowsy purr of mowing-machines, punctuated by occasional sharp cries of the men who were gathering the hay-crop.