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PURRPartnership for Urban Risk Reduction (disasters)
PURRPesticide Use and Risk Reduction (est. 1998; agriculture)
PURRPick Up Repair and Return
PURRPassive Urethral Resistance Ratio (urology)
PURRParameters for Urethral Resistance (urology)
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Purr Along is entered for the Group 1 Coolmore Fastnet Rock Matron Stakes at Leopardstown while Dalkova is in the Group 2 Clipper Logistics Boomerang Stakes on the same card.
Editor's Note: Both Purr Patch and Bunny Patch, along with 10 other Patch Pals can be found in Quiltmaker's Patch Pars Collection available at quiltandseAshop.
This then causes the vocal cords to separate, causing the purr when the cat breathes in and out.
Visitors to The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, will have the opportunity to hear Smokey's amazing purr for themselves while she signs copies of her book with a special paw rubber stamp.
11 ( ANI ): A cat owned by a woman from UK, is in line to be crowned as the world's loudest feline after his purrs were measured at 100 decibels.
Cascades of fast, active muscle contractions give cats their purr.
Purr is inspired by Katy's favourite scents including fresh citrus, peach nectar and apple.
The attempt, at their home, saw Smokey's purr reach 16 times louder than the average cat.
I would like a cat because they can run about in the house, they come in different colours and they purr a lot.
Elizabeth von Muggenthaler and colleagues at Fauna Communications believe that the vibrational frequencies in a cat's purr may explain why cats' bones heal so quickly and why so many domestic cats have survived falls from high-rise apartments.
New York City high school English teachers Mahoney and Purr speak to first-time teachers with their own narratives, cartoons, case studies, analyses of what happens in the classroom and the front office, and a healthy dose of reality in terms of what to do and not to do in that first crucial year.
Wounded cats purr instinctively because they know that it will quicken healing and help to strengthen their bones and organs.