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PURRPartnership for Urban Risk Reduction (disasters)
PURRPesticide Use and Risk Reduction (est. 1998; agriculture)
PURRPick Up Repair and Return
PURRPassive Urethral Resistance Ratio (urology)
PURRParameters for Urethral Resistance (urology)
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At these words Martin's joy knew no bounds, and he stroked her fondly, and she rubbed up against him and purred happily, while below Schurka bounded in the air, and barked joyfully.
Rumbling--This sounds a lot like a purr, but it's much deeper, and the guinea pig's body vibrates.
He said the water shortage would be overcome when the Phase 3 project of Khan Purr Dam is concluded.
Murtagh added: "We've got a few horses entered that weekend and Dalkova and Purr Along are likely to run."
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Visitors to The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, will have the opportunity to hear Smokey's amazing purr for themselves while she signs copies of her book with a special paw rubber stamp.
11 ( ANI ): A cat owned by a woman from UK, is in line to be crowned as the world's loudest feline after his purrs were measured at 100 decibels.
Cascades of fast, active muscle contractions give cats their purr. Biologists have speculated that similar muscle twitching creates the deep throbbing of elephant infrasound.
SANDOWN: 2.00 Pearl Acclaim, 2.30 New Youmzain, 3.05 Purr Along (nap), 3.40 Kiz Kulesi, 4.15 Estebsaal, 4.50 Khazium.
Mrs Adams said: "Guinness has very strict criteria and the college has been very helpful in supplying the specialist recording equipment needed to measure Smokey's purr and for arranging the official witnesses.
lick your hand, and purr. Imagine, a ghost that purrs.
I would like a cat because they can run about in the house, they come in different colours and they purr a lot.