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PURSPHANTOM Users' Research Symposium (annual conference)
PURSPost, Utility, Reference, Setup
PURSPublic Utility Regulating Station
PURSProgram Usage Replenishment System
PURSPesticide Use Reporting System (State of Oregon)
PURSPartners in Urban Research and Service-Learning (Georgetown University; Washington, DC)
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After the interest rate reset associated with remarketing the PURS, Motorola would have expected the interest expense in 2003 from the remarketed PURS to be greater than the corresponding interest expense from the PURS in 2002.
Galvin, Motorola's chairman and CEO, said, "The repurchase of the PURS and long-term debt demonstrates Motorola's financial flexibility and strong balance sheet.
Under the forward purchase agreement, Motorola made a payment to Goldman on December 17, 2002 to terminate Goldman's rights, which were purchased from Motorola in 2001, to remarket the PURS annually through their scheduled maturity in 2011.