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PUSAPresident of the United States of America
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Velasco's vision for the organization includes a senior high club, PUSA junior organization for the undergraduates and a satellite or, catellite network of PUSA organizations across the La Salle campuses.
Among the hybrids, the crosses Pusa Jwala K 1 (100.7 cm), Arka Lohit LCA 334 (91.20 cm), PKM 1 LCA 625 (88.45 cm) Pusa Jwala PKM 1 (88.20 cm), and K 1 Arka Lohit (86.50 cm) expressed better values of plant height.
Data indicated that out of 50 germplasms, Pusa 1637-18-7-6-20 was found to be resistant with scale 2, while, 2 germplasms Shaan (Hybrid) and UPR 3805-12-2-7 were evaluated to be susceptible with scale 4 in cropping season Kharif, 2014 and 2015.
The genotype Pusa sawani showed maximum mean fruit infestation, i.e., 20.97%, followed by Okra-3, Ikra-2 and Zeenat with 20.33, 19.42 and 18.36%, respectively.
Those wins established him as favourite to beat Pusa - but nobody could have predicted just how emphatic the win would be.
Pusa hit seven maximums to Walton's five in the first round and five compared to the Yorkshireman's two in the second.
We chose RMT because of their proprietary Emission Dust Additive Process (EDAP), their ability to work with the regulatory agency and help us prepare the paperwork for presentation of the system to the agency, and for documentation of treatment effectiveness," said Pusa. 'In addition, they were able to test our wastes in their inhouse laboratory facility and coordinate their services with GMD equipment," he added.
Laureen Velasco, PUSA founding member and DLSU professor, said that in her home in Cavite, she started her own neuter-spaying, given her passion to help animals.
Estimates of general combining ability (gca) effects of parents for various characters in brinjal Parents Days to Days to Fruit Fruit 50% first length girth flowering picking (cm) (cm) NDB-18 0.52 0.18 0.30 _2 79 ** PPL-1 0.89 * 1.84 0.62 ** -1.00 ** Pusa Uttam 0.46 1.88 -0.61 ** 0.14 Doli-5 0.22 1.34 -0.67 ** 0.18 AB-07-08 -0.21 0.48 -0.89 ** 0.10 GBL-1 -2.61 ** -5.12 ** 0.76 ** 0.26 * GP-180 1.96 ** 3.08 ** 111 ** 0.74 ** KS-331 -1.24 ** -3.66 ** -0.62 ** 1.36 ** S.
Three cytoplasmic male sterile (or A) lines (IR-58025A, IR-68897A and Pusa 6A) having WA cytoplasm as a source of male sterility as well as their respective maintainer (or B) lines were used as female parents in crossing programme.
Mardle could be joined in the semi-finals by another outsider, Marko Pusa, who is 6-4 to beat John Walton.