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PUSAPresident of the United States of America
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Data indicated that out of 50 germplasms, Pusa 1637-18-7-6-20 was found to be resistant with scale 2, while, 2 germplasms Shaan (Hybrid) and UPR 3805-12-2-7 were evaluated to be susceptible with scale 4 in cropping season Kharif, 2014 and 2015.
About Pusa and Daga Hong Kong Limited: Based in Hong Kong, P&D HK LTD provides Internet security services, information technology services and software development services to clients worldwide via its website https://IronSocket.
Those wins established him as favourite to beat Pusa - but nobody could have predicted just how emphatic the win would be.
We chose RMT because of their proprietary Emission Dust Additive Process (EDAP), their ability to work with the regulatory agency and help us prepare the paperwork for presentation of the system to the agency, and for documentation of treatment effectiveness," said Pusa.
In case of hulling recovery, two crosses based on IR-58025A and only one cross based on Pusa 6A were observed to show the significant negative value of cytoplasmic influence.
2-5 C Monk v 7-4 T O'Shea, 8-15 J Walton (1) v 11-8 A Fordham, 2-5 G Anderson v 7-4 S Nagy, 4-11 W Mardle (8) v 2 D Richardson, 4-7 E Clarys v 5-4 A Welge, 1-8 R Barneveld (5) v 9-2 B George, 8-11 M Suljovic v evs V van der Voort, 1-5 M King (4) v 3 R Stewart, 2-5 S Coote v 7-4 M Kerhonen, 1-5 M Adams (2) v 3-1 P Johnstone, 4-6 W Jones v 11-10 T Eccles, 8-15 T Hankey (7) v 11-8 J Komula, 2-5 C Stompe v 7-4 M Veitch, 4-6 B Taylor (6) v 11-10 J Ferrell, 8-13 R Davies v 6-5 T David, 4-7 M Pusa (3) v 5-4 M Clark.
Scientist Quarters, Police Station Quarters, NSHQ Quarters, Basant and Hemant Hostel, ShiShir Hostel, Sharad Hostel, Saraswati Hostel in connection with A/R & M/O Residential Buildings at IARI Pusa.
In our studies two aromatic varieties of paddy Pusa Sugandh-4 (Pusa Basmati 1121) and Pusa Sugandh-5 (Pusa basmati 2511) which have very good export value and which have become susceptible to brown spot of paddy has been selected as test varieties.
Mardle could be joined in the semi-finals by another outsider, Marko Pusa, who is 6-4 to beat John Walton.