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PUTTPermissive Under-reach Intertripping
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It is not bad enough where it is costing me too much but the margin between winning and losing is small and the key for me to get over the hurdle and lift silverware is making more putts.
Putting has been reported by players as very "feel" oriented and much of golfers' preparation for a putt attempt is based on this notion (Penick & Shrake, 1992).
When I am reading the line on my putts, I always try to get as close to the level of the ball as possible.
But the mystery remains: Did Palmer get unlucky, because the putt on 16 would have dropped if the flagstick hadn't been there?
Here are a few pointers and practice drills to help you feel more at ease over a short putt and hole out more often:
Today, the course managers are offering a free ice-cream cone to anyone who can putt the ball up and over the slope with just one stroke.
The winning line moved into sight after the Scot made a 15ft birdie putt at the 28th to move five up.
17 (428 yards, par four): Greg Norman missed an 18-inch putt here for the only bogey in his winning round, but it is tee to green where most problems come.
Greens in regulation and putts per round emerged as the two chief determinants of scoring average, accounting for 93% of the overall score: greens, 53.
The two golfers tied for third in Putts per Round with 28, and the victor was 12th in Putts per Greens in Regulation at 1.
For a great practice drill, listen for the putt to drop.