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PUTTPermissive Under-reach Intertripping
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With Stracka Putt, you can play on many famous courses, including those currently used on the PGA Tour.
The Ryder Cup star shot a sparkling 63 in the third round but then closed with a two-over par 72 after missing four putts from inside six feet.
It's called The Ten In Ten Drill and the objective is to get you sinking as many putts as you can from somewhere around ten feet, which is birdie territory.
It was observed that the more successful golfers used longer time periods for the full shot and putting routines, suggesting that the chances of holing a putt are improved by taking longer during the pre-shot routine.
For downhill putts, read the putt from behind the hole once again looking up the hill.
Whatever, you, too, can be "da man" or "da woman" by pulling out your best putter (or one of the black or green or yellow or blue ones in the Camp Putt pro shop) and playing holes with names such as "Richochet Rock," "Pond O'Peril," "Gopher It
Spoiler alert: Palmer did birdie the 17th (dancing a jig after his 20-foot uphill putt just .
If you aim at the centre of the hole, and strike the putt firmly, it helps to eliminate some of the break on the putt, and if it does break you've given yourself around a tolerance of approximately four inches on the line of the putt.
New members of Royal St George's are advised early on never to concede a putt here because so many short ones have been missed over the years.
Also look at your lie from side-on to gauge whether your putt is downhill or up.
The analyses focused on five categories: driving accuracy, greens hit in regulation, putts per round, non-sand save percentage, and sand-save percentage -- and how each affected scoring averages.