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Lords of the hills: ancient Maya settlement in the Puuc region, Yucatan, Mexico (Monographs in World Archaeology 15).
The Puuc urban landscape: settlement archaeology at Xuch, Campeche.
The weight of water: a new look at pre-hispanic Puuc Maya water reservoirs.
The experimental tests showed "how the ancient Puuc Maya manipulated materials available to them to produce objects that potentially represent a staple of every Puuc Maya kitchen inventory, maybe even representing a local cooking technique and cuisine," Simms said.
The land is fairly flat, except for a line of hills, the Puuc Hills, running northwest to southeast from the state of Campeche into western Yucatan State.
Uxmal is the best known of the cities of the Puuc, which reached their zenith late in the classic era (A.
Until quite recently, Uxmal was the only Puuc site most visitors saw.
The Puuc region is a hole in the history of Mesoamerica.
Bey and Tomas Gallareta, of Mexico's National Institute of Archaeology and History, have previously found that the Maya had inhabited the Puuc region since 500 B.
287); and Jeff Kowalski provides a magisterial survey of Puuc sites and Chichen Itza, and suggests that their varying sizes, elaboration and iconography document distinctions in rulership, from the single figure of the divine king in the Classic to a more complex sharing of power at Chichen from the end of the ninth century onwards.
Lords of the hills: ancient Maya settlement of the Puuc region, Yucatan, Mexico.
Reviewing the evidence of pottery, stonework, and other materials, Dr VARELA now argues that the investigation at Oxkintok by the Spanish Archaeological Mission in Mexico (MAEM) has shown that there was steady development from the later Formative and through the 'Middle Classic' period, by which time the elements of the local Puuc style were discernible (cf.