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PUVAPsoralen Ultra-Violet A (Type)
PUVAPosterior Urethro-Vesical Angle
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In our study on the treatment of palmoplantar psoriasis with topical PUVA therapy and sequential treatment with topical calcipotriol and clobetasol ointment, the mean age of the patients presented with palmoplantar psoriasis was 43.
El consenso de la Organizacion europea para la investigacion y tratamiento del cancer (EORTC, por sus siglas en ingles) en el 2006, sugirio abolir el mantenimiento con PUVA en micosis fungoide.
Successful treatment of lichen amyloidosis with combined bath PUVA photochemotherapy and oral acitretin.
Olgularimizdan topikal tedaviye istenilen yanitin alinamadigi ve siddetli tutulumun oldugu %15,4 olguda sistemik kortikosteroid ve PUVA tedavisine gecildi.
The risk of melanoma in association with long-term exposure to PUVA.
This rough distinction between the use of phototherapy and PUVA for psoriasis had to be reevaluated when in the early 1980s a fluorescent lamp emitting narrowband UV-B between 311 and 313 nm (referred to as the TL-01 lamp) was developed by Philips to improve the efficacy of phototherapy6.
Several uncontrolled studies regarding PUVA therapy for the treatment of alopecia areata exist.
Treatment options, depending upon many factors, include corticosteroids, PUVA, Narrow-band UVB phototherapy, topical tacrolimus, laser treatments, skin grafting, transplantation of cultured melanocytes, and de-pigmentation.
PUVA causes nausea, impaired liver functions, immunosuppression, cataract, is contraindicated in pregnancy and has recognized carcinogenic effect with up to fifty times the normal risk (uvirradiated individuals) of developing cutaneous squamous 6 cell carcinoma.
24) Some studies have indicated that PUVA therapy might also have therapeutic effects.
Oxsoralen-Ultra, in combination with a special type of phototherapy called PUVA (Psoralen plus UVA light) therapy, has been shown to improve severe, recalcitrant, disabling psoriasis.
Ucuncu ayin sonunda olgunun kasinti ve lezyonlarinda belirgin gerileme olmasi uzerine PUVA tedavisi sonlandirilip asitretin ile devam edildi.