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PUVAPsoralen Ultra-Violet A (Type)
PUVAPosterior Urethro-Vesical Angle
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Olgularimizdan topikal tedaviye istenilen yanitin alinamadigi ve siddetli tutulumun oldugu %15,4 olguda sistemik kortikosteroid ve PUVA tedavisine gecildi.
Narrow band UVB phototherapy has become the first choice of therapy for adults and children with generalised vitiligo, as it has many advantages over PUVA, including shorter treatment time, no drug costs, less side effects and no need for subsequent photo-protection.
A possible subsequent risk of skin cancer is better documented for PUVA than for UVB.
Well-established literature points to the involvement of redox-dependent mechanisms in the toxicity of MMC, DEB, CDDP, PUVA, and Cr(VI).
Now, researchers have also linked PUVA to malignant melanoma, perhaps the deadliest of all skin cancers.
This 3rd edition provides updated information on side effects of cosmetic products, topical and systemic drugs used in dermatology, and other therapeutic modalities used by dermatologists including PUVA therapy and (new in this edition) dermal implants, laser therapy, chemical face peels and cryotherapy.
One of the most common unapproved therapies used for early-stage disease is oral 5 or 8-methoxypsoralen (Psoralen) given with ultraviolet A (UVA) light, referred to as PUVA.
First of all, Dr Parslew suggested that I have light therapy or PUVA treatment, which is basically a long-wave ultraviolet radiation, UVA, that you have combined with Psoralen, a plant extract that makes the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light.
Simdiye kadar kortikosteroidler, siklofosfamid, siklosporin, melfalan gibi immunsupresifler, plazmaferez, ekstrakorporeal fotoferez, PUVA tedavisi, oral retinoidler, talidomid, otolog kok hucre transplantasyonu gibi tedaviler kullanilmistir (3,10-13).
No cases of herpes zoster occurred in patients on alefacept (Amevive), efalizumab (Raptiva) or adalimumab (Humira), nor was the incidence increased beyond baseline in patients on PUVA, UVB, or etanercept (Enbrel).
Onerilen tedaviler arasinda topikal, intralezyoner ve sistemik steroidler, tetrasiklin, minosiklin, dapson, antimalaryaller, indometazin, oral isotretinoin, sulfasetamid, pentoksifilin, interferon alfa 2b, nitrojen mustard, metotreksat, siklofosfamid, PUVA, UVA 1 ve eksizyon bulunmaktadir (8), (4).