PUWPPolish United Workers Party (Communist Party of Poland)
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related directly to the PUWP Central Committee's decision to
transformations within the divisions did not occur overnight; the PUWP
The PUWP Central Committee provided a variety of reasons for these
The PUWP Central Committee directed these lower-level Party committees
women." A section of the PUWP's Organizational Department was
The defendants were two university youths who had been expelled from the PUWP in the aftermath of a police search which brought to light a manuscript outlining general problems of the implementation of socialism in Poland.
The bureaucracy of the PUWP, "A single centralized national capital," controlled the state-owned means of production and appropriated the surplus, as if it were a capitalist class.(14) The authors described in detail how the surplus was produced and appropriated, and how contradictions in the system led to perpetual crises.
By the spring of 1957, the leadership of the PUWP openly condemned the idea of expanding the Workers' Councils and called the idea of a National Congress of Workers Councils an anarchist utopia.
But the inability of the PUWP to deal with the country's ever worsening economic problems, coupled with the provocative use of force against Bydgoszcz Solidarity activists, motivated a significant layer of the most militant workers to take direct action.
When the PUWP was soundly trounced and unable to rule (none of even its uncontested candidates won a plurality), Solidarnosc finally agreed to a power sharing arrangement under which the PUWP retained control of the army and security forces, as well as the newly-established post of president, filled by General Jaruzelski, who had declared martial law in 1981.
In the parliament, women are only 6 percent of the representatives elected on the NCC slate, significantly less that the 20 percent the PUWP made room for.
Ironically, the fact that the Sejm was not freely elected and is still dominated by members from the now-dismantled PUWP (which split into two "social democratic" parties in February) makes it more likely that the anti-abortion measure will be defeated this time around.