PUZPuzzle File
PUZPlanul Urbanistic Zonal (Romanian: Zoning Urban Plan)
PUZPuerto Cabezas, Nicaragua - Puerto Cabezas (Airport Code)
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(4a) (4) La nota-entrevista publicada en la revista Paula registra las reacciones que genero el nudismo de la pelicula desde la animada perspectiva de Amanda Puz, quien entre lineas comenta sobre varios aspectos polemicos de la factura del filme: la improvisacion, la mezcla linguistica y el estilo muy poco convencional de Barrios en la coordinacion de esa energia performatica que recorre los cuerpos en la escena.
This dictionary investigation searches the treatment given to the PUz in terms of the presented equivalence, considering the complexity of conceptualizing the term equivalence.
Though it does not pose immediate danger, according to Hillsborough County spokesman Willie Puz, many residents are choosing to stay at hotels.
William Puz, a spokesman for Hillsborough County, said a crew would try later Monday to retrieve a china cabinet that was valuable to the family.
I gave him a puz" zled glance before pleading: "Do I have to - the lino's dirty?" But by the time a winless day drew to an end, I was pleading, close to tears, to my wife: "For God's sake, just give me your dead mother's watch."
2005; Orcesi, Cremona 2010; Puz, Radic 2008; Yang et.
* Town planning, with data regarding: 90 protected areas; 234 Planning documentation (PUG, PUZ); 5.500 Urban Settlements; Monuments; 1.807 Public objectives; 6 sectors' limits; 1 administrative limit;
Acuse de recibo: Jose Manuel Caballero Bonald.-- Regresos a Argondida en 33 entrevistas, de Antonio R PedrosGascon (Puz).
Materiales para una sociologia no clasica, Zaragoza, PUZ.
34 CROSSWORD Test your word skills with our pounds 100 prize crossword and see if you can answer this week's Posers and Puz zlers GREAT OFFERS Two lucky readers can win a camcorder, camera and laptop with our fantastic competition to celebrate Hallmark Cards's campaign for breast cancer charities.
Many methods have been applied, from description (natural landscape, the condition of the tourist infrastructure), comparison (a parallel between Soveja/ Lepsa and Gresu, the region's situation in the national and international context), explanation (of some mechanisms that control the relationships between tourist phenomenon and environment, between the focused region and the nearby counties, between the population of these 3 localities and the tourists) to the modeling (upgrading the region-PUG, PUZ), the relief's general favorability for buildings, the secondary residence's favorability and the structures of the official housing regarding many parameters: exposition to Sun, the landscape's structure, field of vision, declivity.
pleasant seaplant (Aspiro [Mark Durant], Centralia, IL; "Puz.," Dec.