PV3Poliovirus Type 3
PV3Pigment Violet 3
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Ovarian stage II showed four oocyte substages, including Og, Pv1, Pv2, and Pv3. Oocyte development from ovarian stage I to II showed the permanence of Og at both ovarian stages, but Og had a low frequency in ovarian stage II.
Flow in the system is initiated in the purge configuration (with no flow through the ampoule) by opening the pneumatic valve PV2, with PV1 and PV3 being closed (MV1 and MV2 are open for all measurements), setting the MFC to the desired flow rate, and adjusting TV to obtain the desired pressure in the flow cell, as measured on CDG2.
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Given that the differences between the haplotypes within each of these 6 families were minor, the corresponding samples were subjected to genotyping with 4 additional genetic markers: 3 microsatellite loci MS10, MS16, and Pv3.27, and the polymorphic F3 domain of PvMSP1.
Em geral, para a AL2, e possivel a visualizacao da linha de frente dos aerogeradores nos locais de visada PV1, PV2 e PV3 (sentido leste, oposto ao canyon do rio Iapo) (Figuras [5a.sub.3], [5b.sub.3] e 6a [b.sub.1])3), com distancias entre o local de visada ate a linha de frente de aerogeradores do Complexo Eolico variando entre 1,5km a 4,5km.
Depending in the accepted scenario of work performance: according to the plan (formulas PV1, ED1, ES1), according to the SPI trend (formulas PV2, ED2, ES2, ET1, ET2), according to the SCI trend (CPI x SPI) (formulas PV3, ED3, ES3).
MiR-141 can facilitate EV infection including EV71, PV3 and CVB3 by targeting 3'-UTR of eIF4E.
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Line A- Tester analysis involving six lines (local populations viz., PV1, PV2, PV3, PV4, PV5 and PV6) and three testers (cultivars viz., Sehirali 90, Akman 98 and Yunus 90) of dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) was conducted to determine combining ability of seed yield and its related traits under highly calcareous soils.
PV1, PV2, PV3 denotes solar power flux, falling on each of three solar modules of the plant.