PV8Pioneer Valley 8 (Westfield, MA; North American Family Campers Association)
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The Wilden PV8 pump can transfer heavy, abrasive liquids and slurries equally as efficiently and effectively as fluids that can be damaged by high shear forces.
size (bp) Cloning Ribosomal protein L8 (a) UL8up DQ212693 126 L8-2dn Ribosomal protein L8 PV3 DQ212694 602 PV4 TR-[alpha] PV6 DQ212695 631 PV8 TR-[beta] PV12 DQ212696 801 PV16 QPCR TR-[alpha] PV19 -- 231 PV20 TR-[beta] PV30 -- 425 PV31 Primer Method name Primer sequences Cloning UL8up 5'-GGTGTGGCTATGAATCCTGT-3' L8-2dn 5'-ACGACGAGCAGCAATAAGAC-3' PV3 5'-CCGCCATGGGCCGTGTGATC-3' PV4 5'-CGTACTCGTGGCCAGCAGTT-3' PV6 5'-TGCTGCATTATCGACAAGATCAC-3' PV8 5'-GTGACTTGCCCAGTTCAAAGATGG-3' PV12 5'-TATTCCTGTAAATATGAAGG-3' PV16 5'-GTAATTGATATAGTGTTCAAA-3' QPCR PV19 5'-CGACGGAAGGAGGAAATG-3' PV20 5'-GATCTTGGTAAACTCGCTGAA-3' PV30 5'-AGAGGCTGGCAAAGAGGA-3' PV31 5'-ACTTTCTGGGTCATAGCG-3' (a) These primers were also used for QPCR analysis.
If r = 0, then equation PV8 is used to find the present value of an annuity with payments at the beginning of each of n period.