PVABPost Ventricular Atrial Blanking (cardiology)
PVABPortable Vehicle Arresting Barrier (General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems)
PVABPresent Value of Accrued Benefits
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The Structural and Direct Current Conductivity Properties of the PVAB Sample
The PVAB precursor of a ceramic phase was prepared by condensation reaction from stoichiometric amounts of B-OH and PVA-OH units, from boric acid and poly(vinyl alcohol), respectively, in a simple and cheap chemical route.
Figure 1 shows temperature dependence on direct current conductivity of PVAB sample.
The obtained electronic parameters suggest that the PVAB sample behaves as typical semiconductor material.
The temperature dependence on TEP of the PVAB sample is shown in Fig.
The Seebeck coefficient of the PVAB sample increases with increasing temperature.
This suggests that the carriers in PVAB sample move by hopping in the localized states at band gap edges.
Traveling in reverse and gathering speed, the vehicle containing the four-man security detail is captured by the first MI PVAB (Figure 3).
First, each of the four approaching squads has to cut through the MI PVAB straps encasing the vehicles.
Two MI PVABs have been pre-positioned approximately 200 meters apart; area debris already provides adequate camouflage.
The M1 PVAB provides the joint services with an instant checkpoint/perimeter countervehicle capability that can be fully operational soon after entering an area of operations.
Chico is the lead project engineer for the M1 PVAB at TACOM-ARDEC.