PVADPediatric Ventricular Assist Device (cardiology research)
PVADPercutaneous Ventricular Assist Device
PVADPlatform Verkoop Alcoholhoudende Dranken (Dutch: Alcoholic Beverage Sales Platform)
PVADProlonged Venous Access Devices
PVADPermanent Venous Access Device (oncology)
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Anderson, 125 PVADs were implanted in patients at Hackensack University Medical Center in 2018.
We are one of the busiest centers in the country utilizing PVADs and the Impella pump, a truly revolutionary, lifesaving technology with numerous applications to improve patient outcomes, said Joseph E.
GXbe 0,44 0,020 0,56 0,006 LVAe 0,23 0,052 0,77 0,029 LVd 0,22 0,037 0,78 0,026 LVdf 0,20 0,012 0,80 0,008 LVef 0,35 0,01 0,65 0,008 NVef 0,35 0,01 0,65 0,007 PVAd 0,59 0,222 0,41 0,032 PVd 0,46 0,055 0,54 0,023 PVdf 0,41 0,042 0,59 0,013 PVef 0,40 0,027 0,60 0,012 RLe 0,40 0,018 -- -- Classe de Erodib.
We highlight these cases and detail the novel use of the TandemHeart[TM] pVAD (Houston, TX) in two of these cases.
Considering the extent of cardiogenic shock and allograft dysfunction, a pVAD (TandemHeart) was placed and CVVHD was started.
(2009), O experimento foi conduzido utilizando-se delineamento inteiramente casualizado, eom tres solos (Pvd*, Pvd e Pvad), cinco doses de lodo (0, 2, 10, 25, e 50Mg [ha.sup.-1]) e tres repeticoes, Os solos selecionados sao encontrados na regiao de geracao do residuo estudado, tendo variacoes em suas caracteristicas.
In the descriptive analysis of the total porosity data (Table 1), the variability in the data observed for both LVAd and PVAd was considered low (CV < 12%), while the variability for NVef was considered intermediate (12% < CV < 60%) (WARRICK; NIELSEN, 1980).
The PVAD factor from Appendix B when r equals 6% and nf equals 14 years is 9.8527.
Patients who are currently being supported by a PVAD were urged to immediately contact their doctor.
Foram utilizados tres solos do RS, pertencentes as unidades de mapeamento Arroio dos Ratos (Plintossolo Argiluvico distrofico--FTd), Camaqua (Argissolo Vermelho-Amarelo distrofico PVAd) e Estacao (Latossolo Vermelho distroferrico nitossolico--LVdf) (EMBRAPA, 1999), formados sobre os materiais de origem granito (FTd e PVAd) e basalto (LVdf).