PVAEPeak Volume Acceleration of Ejection (biotechnology)
PVAEPulmonary Venous Air Embolism
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Ideally, a PVAE is required to operate the PV inverter at the maximum power point (MPP).
Soil Fragility Soil Fragility PVAd1 Medium LVAd2 Very Weak PVAd2 Medium LVAd3 Very Weak PVAe Medium LVAd4 Very Weak CXbd Strong LVAd5 Weak GXbd Very Strong LVAd6 Very Weak LVdf1 Very Weak LVAd7 Very Weak LVdf2 Very Weak LVAd8 Weak LVdf3 Very Weak LVAe Weak LVd1 Very Weak RLd Very Strong LVd2 Weak NVdf Weak LVAd1 Very Weak Table 3.
The lowest tensile strength of the samples were thermally treated beech glued with PVAe adhesive, then fir, oak and the largest were beech samples.