PVAmPolyvinyl Amine (additive)
PVAmProtected Virtual Address Mode
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LEAD21 program alumni from NIFA, UT, and PVAM were contacted by the LEAD21 program director and invited to attend.
Ja as mudas cultivadas no PVAm nao tiveram seus conteudos influenciados significativamente.
Em relacao aos niveis criticos observados, os valores variaram de 16 a 17,3 g [kg.sup.-1], sendo o maior valor requerido quando o solo utilizado foi o PVAm (Tabela 5).
(2008), para Anadenanthera macrocarpa, observaram valores de 14,4 a 26,8 g [kg.sup.-1], sendo a maior exigencia no solo LVAd--contrario ao sansao-do-campo, em que o maior nivel critico foi encontrado para o cultivo no PVAm.
As medias dos valores de teor e conteudo aumentaram a medida que houve acrescimo das doses de P, exceto na dose de 450 mg [dm.sup.-3] na parte aerea das mudas cultivadas no PVAm (Tabela 3).
PAA and PVAm were chosen because both polymers are water-soluble and contain both moieties which already have metal affinity.
From FT-IR and [sup.1]H-NMR it was clear that amine groups of PVAm had reacted with chloroacetic acid and allylglycidylether.
As references, the degreased stainless steel parts and unmodified PAA and PVAm were used.
It is clear that PCA-6 showed the best endurance after the 22 hour autoclave test, indicating the positive effect of iminodiacetic as well as allylglycidylether groups in the modified PVAm.
The membrane material, poly (vinylamine) (PVAm), contains the amino group which contributes to the transport of CO2 through the membrane as a bicarbonate ion (HCO3-) when the membrane is wet (swollen with water).
Standard polymeric membranes without carriers generally lose their separation efficiency when swollen, but for this specific facilitated (PVAm) membrane, these properties will be enhanced.